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Seed Potato Certification

ViCSPA has a team of experienced specialists who are responsible for the field inspection of 2,000 hectares of seed potatoes.  Each crop has at least two field inspections per season, from which the seed produced as to be inspected to meet certification tolerances.

All seed stocks that carry ViCSPA seed potato certification labels have been tested for Potato Virus Y and come from fields which have been soil sampled and tested negative for Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN).

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ViCSPA QA Grower Program

ViCSPA operates an approved program for qualified seed potato businesses to internally conduct quality assurance assessments against the standards of the Certification Scheme. In doing so, growers can conduct their own tuber inspections  while all other assessments (e.g. field) are completed by trained certification officers. The QA growers are routinely assessed and audited for their proficiency and capability of doing a job well done.

A current list of QA growers please contact ViCSPA 03 5920000 or email vicspa@vicspa.org.au  

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The Code of Professional Conduct (“the Code”) is a public statement of the principles, values and behaviour expected of Members of ViCSPA, as determined by the Board.

The purpo...

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