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Bin Hygiene Declaration Form

Good on-farm biosecurity practices are important for all potato farmers to minimise the spread and introduction of pests and diseases.

A component of on-farm biosecurity for certified seed growers is to ensure that bins and bulk trucks used to load seed potatoes arrive on their farm clean and free of soil and plant material, including old season potatoes.

All bins and bulks trucks used to load certified seed potatoes should be high pressure washed and disinfected using an appropriate disinfectant. Bins used to load certified seed should be dedicated to seed potatoes and not previously used to load commercial potatoes or other crops.

Seed growers require commercial growers supplying bins and bulk trucks to load certified seed potatoes to complete a bin hygiene declaration form to ensure that appropriate actions have been done and documented.        

Single use bags must not be reused and a bin hygiene declaration form is not required.

The completed bin hygiene declaration form must be registered by the seed grower with the ViCSPA office email to vicspa@vicspa.org.au

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