ViCSPA Employee Code of Conduct

"This Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out some of the important values, practices and principles that are reflected in the way ViCSPA conducts its business. The Code specifies the standards of behavior required of employees in the performance of their duties. The Code addresses ViCSPA’s commitment to the honesty, integrity and ethical behavior of ViCSPA directors, officers and employees in the way we manage our business affairs internally and with external stakeholders."

Please find below a downloadable .pdf file of ViCSPA's code of conduct.


VICSPA 2018 Potato Industry Conference: The Art of Growing Potatoes

"The Art Of Growing Potatoes"
12th - 14th August 2018

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Seed Potato Certification


The ViCSPA seed potato certification scheme has a considerable role in the production of high quality seed stocks for the Australian potato industry.

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