Seed Potato Certification

ViCSPA has a team of experienced specialists who are responsible for the field inspection of 2,000 hectares of seed potatoes. Each crop has at least two field inspections per season, from which the seed produced as to be inspected to meet certification tolerances.

All seed stocks that carry ViCSPA seed potato certification labels have been tested for Potato Virus Y and come from fields which have been soil sampled and tested negative for Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN).

ViCSPA QA Program

ViCSPA operates an approved QA program for qualified seed potato businesses to internally conduct quality assurance assessments against the Standards of the ViCSPA Certification Scheme.

QA growers can conduct their own tuber inspections  while all other assessments (e.g. field) are completed by trained certification officers. The QA growers are routinely assessed and audited for their proficiency and capability of doing a job well done.

A current list of QA growers please contact ViCSPA 03 5920000 or email

Bin Hygiene Declaration Form

Good on-farm biosecurity practices are important for all potato farmers to minimise the spread and introduction of pests and diseases.

A component of on-farm biosecurity for certified seed growers is to ensure that bins and bulk trucks used to load seed potatoes arrive on their farm clean and free of soil and plant material, including old season potatoes.
All bins and bulks trucks used to load certified seed potatoes should be high pressure washed and disinfected using an appropriate disinfectant. Bins used to load certified seed should be dedicated to seed potatoes and not previously used to load commercial potatoes or other crops.
Seed growers require commercial growers supplying bins and bulk trucks to load certified seed potatoes to complete a bin hygiene declaration form to ensure that appropriate actions have been done and documented.
Single use bags must not be reused and a bin hygiene declaration form is not required.
The completed bin hygiene declaration form must be registered by the seed grower with the ViCSPA office email to
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Professional Code for ViCSPA Certified Seed Growers

The Code of Professional Conduct (“the Code”) is a public statement of the principles, values and behaviour expected of Members of ViCSPA, as determined by the Board.

The purpose of the Code is to ensure that high standards of corporate and individual behaviour are observed by all Members. ViCSPA expects a standard of integrity and honesty from individuals who conduct business within the ViCSPA seed potato certification Scheme and from the Members (certified seed growers) whose produce that we certify to be consistent with the Conditions of the ViCSPA Seed Scheme.

In order to maintain industry confidence in the professional standards of Members of ViCSPA and as such the product of certified seed potatoes, it is essential that Members exhibit, and are seen to exhibit, professional standards in carrying out their duties.

This Code does not attempt to provide a detailed or exhaustive list of what to do in every situation. Instead, the Code represents a framework for professional conduct and aims to provide assistance and clarification.

Members shall comply with the regulations governing the practice of seed potato certification as set out in the Association’s Code of Conduct. If members believe any of these regulations to be unjust or unreasonable they should provide a written communication, citing reasons, to the Secretary of ViCSPA.

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The current Code of Professional Conduct became effective on Oct 2017.

1. A Member must not:

(a) purport to represent the views of ViCSPA unless expressly authorised to do so;

(b) reflect adversely on the professional integrity of ViCSPA or its Members.

2. A Member must not maliciously or carelessly do anything to injure, directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects or business of other Members. As such, Members of ViCSPA shall not intentionally act so as to cause reputational damage to the ViCSPA certification Scheme.

3. All certified seed producers that are members of ViCSPA abide by the Conditions of ViCSPA seed Scheme

4. Members shall not misinform, or otherwise mislead the Authority or buyers of certified seed potatoes. In so doing, a Member of ViCSPA must always supply the authority with accurate and honest information relating to seed potato production, cropping histories and other relevant data which is used to conduct seed certification.

5. Members shall not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or religion

6. Members shall ensure that the financial accounts with ViCSPA are paid within ViCSPA’s terms of payment unless other arrangements have been made prior to service provision by ViCSPA. Failure comply will result in refusal of all services from ViCSPA and if not resolved will be referred to a professional debt collector. (see terms of payment ViCSPA website

7. Members ViCSPA will be compliant with Plant Breeder Rights were appropriate. ViCSPA reserves the right to notify of breaches of PBR, either perceived or actual.

8. ViCSPA Members shall comply with all interstate trade conditions and policies that relate to the trade and movement of seed potatoes. This will include, if relevant, conditions relating to the rules surrounding plant protection districts and pest control areas. ViCSPA reserves the right to notify of breaches of biosecurity policies, either perceived or actual.

9. A Member of ViCSPA must not include false or misleading claims relating to the supply of certified seed potatoes. As such, members should make all attempts to ensure the integrity and traceability of the certified seed produced is upheld. Any discrepancies should be immediately notified to ViCSPA

10. Members shall provide a safe environment for ViCSPA employees to conduct certification services

11. A Member must not directly or indirectly exert undue pressure or influence on any persons, whether by the offer or provision of any payment gift or favour or otherwise, for the purpose of securing the certification of seed potatoes or other services.

Version 2.0 2017


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Seed Potato Certification


The ViCSPA seed potato certification scheme has a considerable role in the production of high quality seed stocks for the Australian potato industry.

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